Carmelite Online Retreat for Lent 2017
Prepare for Easter with St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

A Lenten journey inward with the young Carmelite nun who was canonized in 2016
Esercizi online con S. Elisabetta in Italiano
Online Exerzitien mit Elisabeth von der Dreifaltigkeit auf Deutsch
Retreat Online with St. Elizabeth in english

Emptying yourself, so that God can fill you up!
The Austrian Discalced Carmelites, the Sisters of Mary of Mount Carmel, and the Edith Stein Gesellschaft Österreich (the Edith Stein Society of Austria) invite you to participate in a Carmelite Online Retreat for Lent 2017, beginning March 1.
If you sign up for this retreat, you will receive a weekly email containing:
* an inspirational reading about the Gospel for the upcoming Sunday and texts from St. Elizabeth
* three practical suggestions for everyday life
* short daily texts for meditation for each weekday
* a short audio summary for the week

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The retreat is free of charge, but if you are able to and would like to contribute to the production costs, please send your donation through PAYPAL - thank you!

We hope you have a blessed Lenten season hand in hand with St. Elizabeth of the Trinity.
Your Carmelites and fellow organizers

St. Elizabeth of the Trinity (1880-1906)
Canonized by Pope Francis on October 16, 2016

After years of a simple and radiant Christian life, the young pianist Elizabeth Catez entered the Carmelite convent in Dijon at the age of 21. There she immersed herself in the mystery of the love of Christ for five years and wrote her famous prayer, “O my God, Trinity whom I adore.” Elizabeth left us with a miraculous message about the significance of the interiority and presence of God within us. Her writings help us to live from within in order to radiate divine love outward.
Let us use Lent to “empty out”, that is to rid ourselves of everything that prevents us from living a true life.
Let’s ask Elizabeth:
"Will we ever understand how much we are loved?"
This retreat was compiled in the Carmelite Province of Paris by the Carmelite Fr. Didier-Marie Golay (of the Lisieux convent) and a group from Carmel Dijon-Flavignerot: Dominique, Marie-Noëlle, Kevin, and Fr. Jean-Alexandre (of the Avon convent). The German version was created as a collaboration of the Edith Stein Gesellschaft Austria (the Edith Stein Society of Austria), the Austrian Carmelites, and the Sisters of Mary of Mount Carmel.

You can find further literature in English about St. Elizabeth and her works at the publishing house  Institute of Carmelite Studies in Washington, DC: and at the Carmelite Book Service in the UK.

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